Saturday, March 3, 2012

Style Hit or Miss: RIHANNA

Recently, Rihanna was spotted leaving a hotel in London wearing an "interesting" ensemble.  Lots of denim, spiked shorts, a Dream Team snapback, Ray-Bans and Christian Louboutin Sea.nn Girl thigh high boots ($3, 795).  I must admit I love her style, especially these thigh high boots; however I would NOT rock this denim-on-denim look. One thing is undeniable: Rihanna is F-I-E-R-C-E! Do you think Rhianna's look is a style hit or miss??

xo Tia Lita

Photos via StyleBistro/Google


  1. Only Rihanna can pull this off.. She's hot!

    And I'm agree with you, wearing jeans-over-jeans is a lil bit risqué, but again it's Rihanna.. :D

    - MR. VHALLAH -

    1. i ♥ RiRi and her unique style, but sometimes her looks are a bit questionable. But she does pull it off!

  2. Rihanna hot but this out in NOT! MISS

    1. AGREED! This outfit would have been so chic if paired with a sheer black button down and her hair pulled into a high bun!

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  4. Hello there! I have also found your blog on IFB and I'm now a follower :)
    About her look, I thinks is too much information.. she could lose the shirt under the shorts and maybe also change shoes. I do love her shorts though.

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  5. Hi. I love and hate parts of her look.
    Her blouse and short are amazing, but why the cap and boots?
    The cap doesn't match anything at all and the shoes are just too much. And why the blouse in her jeans like that?

    So I think it is a no go for me.


  6. oh my gosh i love rihannas shorts!! Really stunning! Her style is awesome! Great inspiration!

    Hope you visit me on my Blog